Health services

Thanks to the fact that in our work we strive for top quality and constant monitoring of market needs, we have created an innovative and unique platform Health & Holidays in Croatia, which provides patients worldwide with consulting and professional organization of medical services in reputable medical institutions in Croatia.

Networking free private healthcare and tourism capacities in Croatia enables us to offer a choice of different treatments and health services

of the highest quality at affordable prices on the international market. With the health service we also offer high-quality tourist facilities which adds quality and attractiveness to overall service making it acceptable to end users.

We specifically promote the offer of institutions that function as a "one-stop clinic", i.e. one-stop fixes for everything from diagnosis to solutions where patients save time and money and get an opportunity for additional content.

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Health services in Croatia

The areas in which we provide services

The areas in which Health & Holidays provides services are the following: dentistry, surgery with all its branches, primarily plastic and reconstructive surgery, urology, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology , ophthalmology, dermatovenerology, internal medicine with all its subspecialties, gynecology, physical medicine and rehabilitation with special emphasis on thermal and thalassotherapy spa, wellness etc. where Croatia as a coastal country has a long tradition.

In addition we provide postoperative online consultation.

Croatian Specialists

How does the platform function

Platform Health & Holidays is open to all visitors. Fast and easy registration will allow discrete communication, selection of the required medical procedure, team of doctors, institutions as well as accommodation for you and your company.

On the portal you can get all the information about the types of treatments, specialists and their fields of expertise as well as assistance in organizing your therapy and vacation. You can also evaluate the work of specialists.

Information on all arrangements and prices are provided very quickly.

Health platform

Why choose Health & Holidays?

  • Individual approach to each end user
  • All services offered provided by licensed and trained staff both in medical and tourism segment
  • Direct contact with doctors before arrival and after departure from Croatia
  • Great medical staff and a long tradition of medical and health services
  • Varied range of medical and health servicese
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of the whole process
  • Availability of more than 200 internationally recognized experts
  • Medical services quality of which competes with the international level:
    • Application of modern methods of treatment,
    • State of the art technological equipment in medical institutions,
    • Highest standards of health.
  • There is no waiting list - health and medical services provided at time that best suits the client
  • Medical facilities located in elite locations:
    • Selection of a medical facility on the Adriatic coast
    • Selection of a medical facility in the continental part of Croatia
    • Possible combination of locations, such as medical treatment in the continental part of Croatia, rehabilitation on the Adriatic coast, with stay in a hospital room with a sea view, and vice versa
  • Treatment at Affordable Prices
  • Possibility of reimbursement of treatment using basic health insurance in the EU
  • Interpreter services for the majority of patients in their native language
  • Rich and diverse tourist offer:
    • Tourist offer customized to client's health status in order for health care and medical treatment to be as successful and enjoyable for the client as possible
    • Individual selection of tourist facilities
    • Possibility of a special selection of tourist facilities to escort client
  • Individual selection of tourist facilities, transfers and accommodation
  • Transfers for patients and their company by plane, train, bus, boat
  • Accommodation in 3-5 stars hotels
  • Accommodation in villas, hostels, motels or private accommodation
  • Possibility of accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the selected medical facility
  • Possibility of using medical care 0-24 h for the duration of the stay in Croatia
  • Chance to use a tourist guide 0-24 for the entire stay in Croatia
  • Possibility of extending stay in Croatia on relaxing vacation at the spa, wellness fitness programs created in individual programs under the supervision of a doctor and medical staff
  • Availability and assistance in resolving any claim by the Health and Holidays team at any time before arriving in Croatia, while in Croatia, and after leaving the Republic of Croatia

Health and Holidays management team constitutes of a highly qualified and motivated experts in the fields of health care, marketing and finance to ensure a high level of professionalism, mobility and teamwork.

We're here to help.

Ask us anything you want to know.

You will receive answer to every question as soon as possible.
Health & Holidays is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Informative content on Health & Holidays Web pages is exclusively and only for information, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment can only be provided by accredited physicians within clinics, whom you directly contact.

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