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What is the quality of medical centers in Croatia?

Medical centers / clinics with which we work in Croatia, follow the same exact standards of quality and safety as all renowned clinics in Europe and America. All of them are among the highest ranking in Croatia, and they have built this reputation of taking care of all the important aspects of their business: sanitary measures, modern technology, as well as adequate training of its medical staff.

Is medical tourism in Croatia safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Nothing is left to chance. Our advanced system will suggest you the best clinics and specialists / doctors who are best placed, according to their expertise, to engage in analysis of your health situation and improve the quality of your health.

Why would I use the Health & Holidays
platform, when can I contact the clinic myself?

Anyone can contact a specific clinic and be informed about the treatments of interest, however, there are many other advantages of cooperation with stable partners like us.
We are very familiar with all the clinics we work with, as well as their specialists/doctors, which leaves no room for guessing who would be the most suitable for your treatment. In addition, we know the philosophy of medical tourism to the smallest detail, which is certainly the guarantee that we will save you a lot of time and money and get the best possible deals related to your treatment, organizing travel, accommodation and many other additional services.

What is the quality of medical treatments in Croatia?

Health services in Croatia follow the same standards as in European countries. Also, Croatia is a member of European Union. With high-tech medical centers and well-trained doctors, be sure that you are in the right hands.

Why choose Croatia for medical tourism?

Confirmation that Croatia is an interesting destination for health and medical tourism is an increasing interest from foreign agencies that want to get their policy holders to Croatia, to carry out a quality medical rehabilitation, with the use of natural healing factors, which is a remarkable trend in the developed regions of the Mediterranean. Compared to equivalent procedures in Western Europe, the U.S., Canada and other developed countries, there is considerable difference in the cost of medical treatment. Health & Holidays also offers a variety of different treatments at affordable prices in an internationally accredited medical institutions where diagnosis and treatment are available, as well as doctors and specialists who are recognized around the world. Croatia has proximity as an absolute advantage. For example, it is 6 hours of flight from New York and 2.30 hours from London! Proximity to Italy, Austria, Hungary, excellent connections to all European capitals via airports and motorways passing through the entire country will allow quick and easy arrival to Croatia, and by joining the EU, Croatia has become extremely competitive because patients can seek compensation for medical expenses from their home insurance.

How to spend time before / after treatment?

For ten consecutive years, Croatia has been among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world according to all relevant surveys. Our system will organize travel arrangements, accommodation and treatment and also suggest additional activities and services as it deems appropriate for you.

Is it useful to have someone with me?

Definitely. It is recommended for each patient to have moral and physical support from a family member or friend. Especially in case of several operations, as well as in complex heart, hip and knee surgery.

What else should I bring?

What you really need depends of your destination, as well as other details about your trip and vacation. In any case, a trip to get surgery requires some important additions:

  • Originals/copies of all medical reports and details of medications
  • CD copies of any scans like MRI / CT / ECHO
  • Your medical information and tests
  • Every note from your doctor
  • Passport (Id)
  • International phone cards, credit cards
  • Glasses / contact lenses and accessories
All important information for your doctor, hotel, embassy, airline company, etc. and what you think you will use.

Should I take my medical records?

Absolutely, as mentioned earlier, all the information about your health history that can bring can be useful. The reality is that you will get to know a good doctor but he may know very little about your situation, except for what you said, or what you might have sent, and thus medical records in these cases are very desirable.
The volume of information you need to bring mostly depend of the treatments you want to get. For this reason, it is best to prepare in advance and consult with your local doctor about everything.

Can you provide interpreters?

Yes, we can provide interpreters for most languages.
When fill out a questionnaire with data of your country and language
all the information will be provided to you at the first consultation.

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Informative content on Health & Holidays Web pages is exclusively and only for information, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment can only be provided by accredited physicians within clinics, whom you directly contact.

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