Hospitals and Clinics in Croatia



  1. Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation of heart, lung disease and rheumatism.
  2. Clinic for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  3. Reference center for health tourism and medically programmed vacation of the Ministry of Health of Croatia.
  4. Reference Center for rehabilitation of cardiac patients of the Ministry of Health of Croatia.

Thalassotherapy Opatija was founded in 1957 at the initiative of Prof.dr. Čedomil Plavšić. It is the first medical institution in Croatia, which introduced a modern and professional rehabilitation of cardiac patients. Fifty years of experience in working with cardiac, rheumatic, physiatric and dermatological patients ranks Thalassotherapy Opatija among the top institutions for treatment and rehabilitation.

Title of the Reference center for health tourism and medically programmed vacation of the Ministry of Health of Republic of Croatia was awarded to it in1998, and in 2008 it became the headquarters of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine at University of Rijeka. Since 2010 it has also been the headquarters of the Clinic for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It received the title of "Reference Center of the Ministry of Health for the rehabilitation of cardiac patients" and permission of Croatian the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports for scientific research in 2012.

A complete harmony of experience, professional education, state of the art medical, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment along with an ideal climate and geographical features of the area, define this hospital as an ideal place where you can find rest, health and enjoyment.

Today Thalassotherapy Opatija employs 240 people, of which 37 specialized doctors.

All programs of therapy and rehabilitation are under continuous supervision of the expert team of doctors of various specialties and physical therapists and nurses, who provide a written recommendation at the end of the program.

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  • Thalassotherapy, Opatija, Croatia

Clinic Leptir

Clinic Leptir (Butterfly) with daily hospital is a health facility designed and established in 2008 as the first private center in Croatia specializing in all medical services related to the thyroid (butterfly) gland, which involves a top team of specialists in endocrinology, nuclear medicine, otolaryngology, surgery and cytology with a laboratory.

In line with the development of medicine around the world, and major advances in the treatment of diseases the clinic Butterfly is equal to the most renowned international clinics in all segments.

  • Croatian clinic Leptir

Dr. Šalamon

The internal medicine-gastroenterology practice offers you the following examinations:

Complete internist examination, ECG, blood tests for complete laboratory processing and delivery of findings within 12 hours, abdominal ultrasound, esophagus-gastroduodenoscopy, Helicobacter test, rectal-sigmoidoscopy, total colonoscopy, polypectomy, biopsy, consultation with a reputable abdominal surgery or gastrooncologist.

  • doctor Šalamon

Clinic Lovran

Since its establishment to the present day this clinic has developed in accordance with international achievements in the field of orthopedics and physical medicine. It introduced and perfected new diagnostic and therapeutic methods. This was the very first clininc in Croatia that in performance of new types of surgeries. During the 50 years of work the Orthopedic Clinic Lovran's selfless dedication of staff and large investment in material and human resources has built it into one of the leading orthopedic institutions in the country.

The building, which is now the home of Orthopedic Clinic Opatija Lovran, was built in 1909 by order of Joseph Marchal. The project was designed by the Viennese architect Albert Pio, and it was built by construction company Union in Vienna. It was built like a palace, with 120 rooms and a range of ancillary facilities. The building is located on the top of a gentle hill turned into a park with lawns, which dominates the landscape of Lovran, along the coast which turns into a small bay at its location.

Today the clinic employs 253 staff, of which 154 health workers, of whom 17 orthopedists, seven residents in orthopedics, 3 physiatrists, 6 anesthesiologists and 2 anesthesiology residents. The clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic patients.

Activity of the clinic exceeds local framework and a substantial number of patients come from other parts of Croatia and abroad. Number of orthopedic surgeries is increasing from year to year despite the reduction in the number of hospital beds, which speaks about the trend of decreasing length of stay and increasing the flow of patients treated in accordance with international standards. Four operating rooms operate daily in the hospital, and, for the secondary-consultative health protection, there are four orthopedic and 3 physiatric ambulances which annually treat about 36,000 patients. Significant place also belongs to highly differentiated and demanding reconstructive surgical procedures that are successfully performed according to the strictest international standards, and bone bank has been established as well.

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  • Orthopedic Clinic Lovran, Croatia

Clinic Arithera

Quick and effective medical solutions for painful spine, varicose veins, hemorrhoids or cosmetic procedures are only a small part of what the clinic Arithera from Zagreb offers. The introduction of new specializations in the exclusive, modernist space of Clinic Arithera raised the standards in the private practice of medicine and positioned the city of Zagreb, as respectable medical tourism destination in Europe.

  • Clinic Arithera, Croatia

Clinic Provena

Your health and your looks are important, and with small painless corrections we will help you feel better in your body. We offer high-quality interventions in the field of dermatology, radiofrequency and general surgery and anti-aging medicine. In pleasant and discrete space we apply modern knowledge and dermatological treatments of rejuvenation using the latest technologies in dermatology and surgery.

  • Croatian Clinic Provena

Tim Dent

In the dental clinic TIM DENT – Miličić we are committed to each patient. To a top team of specialists even the most complex prosthetics, dental or surgical reconstruction works are not a problem, but a challenge. Skilful hands of our doctors will painlessly solve all your problems. We apply the latest techniques on the world market and use the best materials to achieve maximum aesthetics and natural appearance. Clinic TIM DENT – Miličić from Zagreb is equipped with the latest apparatus, and our dentists constantly improve in all aspects of the profession.

  • Tim Dent

Clinic Sveti Nikola

Clinic Sveti Nikola is a private medical institution specializing in providing complete health services ranging from prevention and diagnosis to treatment. We are inspired by clinics that function as a "one-stop clinic", i.e. one-stop fix including everything from diagnosis to solutions. The pleasant ambience of the Polyclinic Sveti Nikola provides availability of our team of internationally renowned experts and staff dedicated to patient, as well as the latest equipment for all medical fields. Clinic operates as a modern medical institution focused primarily on expert programs such as urology, gynecology, and cardiology and also acts as an institution with the ability to provide services primarily in surgery and urology and gynecology as well as general, vascular and plastic surgery.

  • Clinic Sveti Nikola

Rehabilitacija NOVA

Today's pace of life seeks quick and efficient solutions for treating health problems. Guided by this knowledge, we have opened the new exclusive NOVA rehabilitation centre. NOVA Rehabilitation is a place that has been designed to offer the most comprehensive rehabilitation services in the areas of sports medicine, physical therapy and medical rehabilitation, and all this in one place. The centre is fully equipped with the latest medical equipment, supporting rehabilitation methods to provide the best and quickest outcome. Our professional team is led by top physiatrists and orthopaedists, highly educated physiotherapists and kinesiotherapists, and certified massage therapists, who in their individual approach can provide the best possible service to all our clients.

  • Rehabilitacija NOVA

Dentus Profectus d.o.o.

The Perfectus company has in the last few years experienced nothing but continuus growth in all the sectors of its interest. The hearth of the company are oure young, dynamic, ambitious and already experienced employees, all following a simple motto: imagination is the only limit to our projects. Our creativity and prompt responses to the needs of the market, readiness to tackle even the most challenging tasks, constant additional education and training of our personnel, and making the satisfaction of our clients our top priority have made our company one of the leading business in the nautical sector.

  • Dentus Profectus


Naphthalan, natural mineral oil, is a natural therapeutic agent. Natural therapeutic agents have been used since the ancient times for preservation of health and preventing diseases, as well as treating existing illnesses and injuries. Naphthalan, which we use in Naftalan, is acquired through distillation of naphthenic oil. This is a heavy weight oil and falls into the group of the so-called heavy oils. It contains some light fractions, like petrol and kerosene, but also contains a high percentage of naphthenic hydrocarbons, like steranes, compounds that are similar to steroid hormones and provitame D. Sterane is the one responsible for therapeutic action of naphthalan. There are only two known deposits of naphthenic oil in the world: in Azerbaijan and in Ivanić-Grad.

  • Naftalan

Dental Estetic studio d.o.o.

The clinic comprises a small team of expert dentists and assistants and deals with all dental specialisations. Prosthetics at the clinic are conducted exclusively by Dr. Knego. The clinic operates on the principle of healthy, holistic dentistry which means that all the material used in the clinic (fillers, prosthesis, etc) are bio-compatible and healthy to the organism. Our team will welcome you and help you overcome your fear of dentistry using state-of-the-art methods and apparatus.

  • Dental Estetic studio


Expert team B.Dent offers general and cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and implantology. Continuous training in Croatia and abroad enables us to follow and apply global trends in dentistry, use high quality materials and individual approach to each of our clients. Our commitment to professionalism as well as our vast expertise enables us to successfully solve the most complex dental cases. In our new modern practice equipped with the latest state of the art technology we are dedicated to provide dental services such as implants, bridges, dentures, teeth whitening and others, with full commitment. Our experienced and estimeed dental professionals will give your teeth a shiny, healthy smile by using the highest quality materials and focusing on your health and well-being.

  • B.Dent
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