Internal Medicine in Croata

  1. Cardiology
    • Examination, control and monitoring of stable cardiac patients,
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation,
    • Cardiac Diagnosis and Treatment of unstable cardiac patients,
    • Control of the heart rate and conversion to normal heart rhythm,
    • Solving coronary insufficiency using medicines and application of stents.
    In addition to cardiac treatment, if necessary, cardiac surgery is included as well.
  2. Pulmonology
    • Stabilization of respiratory function regardless of whether the causes are obstructive, allergic or inflammatory.
    Offer for outstanding climate destinations that are selected as indicated by the type of disorder or respiratory function
  3. Gastroenterology
    • Gastroscopy, colonoscopy gastroduodenoscopy and digestive tract colonoscopy (with and without anesthesia) with clinical and histologic diagnosis of change and the required treatment in consultation with abdominal surgeons as needed.
  4. Rheumatology
    • Immune disorders and autoimmune disorders that cause systemic connective tissue diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, various types of vasculitis ...) are treated with drug therapies and special rehabilitation opportunities in various centers in Croatia. Consultation with orthopedic surgeon is always available.
  5. Endocrinology
    • Diagnostics and monitoring of function of glands with internal secretion with a special emphasis on the most common problems related to the thyroid gland, adrenal and gonadal glands secretion disorders, diabetes and pancreatic disease - in Croatia there are excellent programs for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diabetes and its consequences. There are professional teams that deal with problems of all forms of diabetes on multidisciplinary level, and there are excellent conditions for both conservative and operative treatment.
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