Sisak Moslavina

Moslavaćka story - Sisak-Lonja Filed-Moslavina

Upon arrival tour of the Sisak city; Mali Kaptol, Historic ring, Tuškanova Palace, Stari most, Cathedral and archaeological site "Siscia in situ", and on to the Stari grad fortress. We continue our drive to the Lonja field and the village Čigoč, European Stork Village. Tour around Lonja field in the village Mužilovčica, famous for its large number of swallows. Departure to Moslavina hill and ride through the gentle hills of Moslavina known for its apple and strawberry plantations, vineyards and winemaking of Moslavina winemakers. The tour and lunch at the farm Moslavaćka story with local specialties of the Moslavina region and regional wine - Škrlet!
Minimum number of people: 2

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