Treatments and health services in Croatia

We offer health care services with top experts and medical technology in all medical specialties, and in particular: programs related to ophthalmology, dental medicine, plastic surgery, orthopedics and trauma surgery, spine surgery and spine pain management). We offer all rehabilitation programs at the Adriatic coast and islands as well as thermal springs of medicinal water and mud in the continental and Adriatic part of Croatia.

But we also offer much more as you can see from the content below.

Optionally we may provide neurological diagnosis and therapy as well as a specific rehabilitation:

  1. Cerebral paralysis (therapeutic horseback riding and other procedures),
  2. Stroke and cerebrovascular disorders (kinesis therapy, hydrotherapy, psychological, speech and language and psychiatric support),
  3. Demyelinating and other degenerative diseases of the nervous system (same as above),
  4. Consequences of surgical treatment processes in the brain (same as above).

During his/her stay in Croatia client can get dialysis, hyperbaric (oxygen therapy) and long rarely necessary procedures if necessary.



Providing an ailing person with opportunity to return to an active life and to restore his/her psychophysical and social balance is the purpose of the entire process which encompasses a wide range of activities, both medical and other, which seemingly do not have medical character, but still achieve such effects.
As part of this process there is tendency for lower use of medications, and the increasing use of natural factors such as water, air, sunlight, exercise, and mental and physical relaxation in nature, and using various forms of therapy, especially in water or sea provided in a complex modern tourist offer. In addition to these factors, the positive effect of tourism and recreation in humans is based on the complexity and a variety of other factors such as psychological in the temporary change in the environment, then healing and soothing effects of untouched flora and fauna, clean coastal or mountain air and aerosol of etheric oils, regular sleep, silence, proper nutrition, movement in nature and so on.

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